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    Jul 24, 2016 Parent and Child Tournament

    On Sunday at the Golf club "Pestovo" was perhaps the most homely and cosy tournament "Parents and Children".


    When golfers got score cards at the Golf Academy, our golfers made a real contest! The tournament organizers until the last moment did not know who would win... And all because this tournament was imbued with the spirit with nepotism and friendship. The weather was Sunny, on the the Golf course was the atmosphere of smiles, laughter and happiness. Therefore, even when the winners were announced, the participants did not cease to rejoice in victories each other.
    1st place – Rasskazov Vladimir and Nadia Berendeeva (68.3 points)
    2nd place – Dmitry Mikheev and Mikheev Lenya (70,5 points)
    3rd place – Seniman Denis and Shumakova Tanya (70,8 points)