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    Sep 2, 2016 Final of national Golf League club teams

    September 2, Pestovo Golf and yacht club scored an incredible victory in the final BATTLE of the CLUB GOLF TEAMS in 2016, which was held at the Golf club Zavidovo PGA National.

    The Committee of nationwide Golf League club teams was formed not at once, it included representatives of the Golf clubs, initially involved in the formation and development of the League. All clubs who supported the idea, provided the members with the appropriate conditions during their fields and the special conditions for the players – representatives of club teams.

    Weather conditions did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants! And the plot is stretched until the very end, as the intensity of the struggle and the unpredictability of the outcome. Throughout the season the best Golf-clubs of Russia fought for the title of strongest and in the end, in the final winner team of "Pestovo". Thank you for the wonderful game!