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    Sep 22, 2016 Match Play 2016

    The Match Play finals in 2016 was held at the Golf club "Pestovo"!

    September 22, at 11 am Moscow time, on the first tee of our club met the strongest players in the Match Play standings!

    Champion club Catherine Berendeeva and Camille Husnetdinov. Despite the rain, wind and cold, no words, on account of the possible transfer of the game on a different date that was not said even in jest!
    The match was intense, after the first nine, Kamil was the leader on one hole. The gap could be more, but Catherine managed to snatch occupies 8 and 9 the hole that would drop the situation before the start of the second round.
    Then hot tea, towels, shoes, and fight again..
    The first four holes were exactly in the same scenario, the situation could go in any direction. But, according to Catherine, to fight with Kamil today was very difficult. Another jerk, he took 14 and 15 the hole, Catherine said, in the 16th! Total, Camille came out on the 17th Tee with a lead of 2 holes. Knowing the steel grip of Catherine, any weakness of the enemy in this situation could be fatal, but Camille was in the final. After 4 bumps on 17 hole, Camille of Husnetdinov pulled out a victory and became the Champion of the Golf Club Pestovo in the standings MAh Play!
    Congratulations Camille! Keep It Up!