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    Jun 23, 2017 The Cup Of The President Of Pestovo

    23-25 June 2017 hosted the 4th Annual tournament "Cup of the President of the Pestovo" 2017. The format of the tournament can only be compared with the Championship of Russia, which also runs 3 days.


    This year the game was not easy, not only because of sports. Weather conditions also did not please the players. Rain and unusual for June, the temperature of the air tried to scare the golfers on the first day of the competition. But nothing could stop the players. And nature relented in the second and in the final days of the tournament the sun came out. And everyone's mood improved.
    84 players took part in the Tournament. All participants had the opportunity to show the result on two Golf courses – Pestovo and Forest Hills. The final round was held at the Golf Club "Pestovo". According to the tradition of sports competition leaders after two days started last. In each category was a real struggle.
    In the category of Gross 0 – 9.4 men's competition was held between Armen Movsesyan and Gleb Fetisov. In the first two days Hleb ahead of Armen on 6 hits. But Armen has reduced the opponent's advantage to 1 stroke after the first 9 holes on the final day. But on the second "nine" Hleb broke through again. In the end, Hleb managed to beat Armen 3 kick that brought him victory.
    In the category of Gross 0 - 15.4 in women the battle was between Catherine and Margaret Berendeevo Kislitsyna. After two rounds, Margaret had the advantage of a 4 stroke. In the final round Catherine used all your skills and beat the opponent in 3 hits.
    The final round in the women's standings Stableford 15.5 - 36 also promised to be interesting. Friendly struggle was between Karina Savko, Olga Shevtsova and Elena Kolobashkin. Karina won 1 point Olga and came in first place, and Elena took third place. 
    The situation repeated itself in competition in Juniors. Best friends Nikita and Lyakhov Fedor Protosenya, fought for the first place, but also for gyro scooter, prizes from the partners. In the end, Fedin the game was more stable, because of this he won. 
    The competition in the male group Stableford 9.5 – 28 and for the main trophy of the tournament Cup of the President of Pestovo developed between Anton and Vasily Yurin since Putilov, who showed terrific game in difficult conditions. Anton joined the fight on the first day of the tournament with a handicap of 26.6, but thanks to the results of 27, 42 and 47 points, finished the tournament lowering his handicap to 17.8. Anton lacked only 1 point to win at Basil, who showed the result of 35, 48 and 34 points. Basil started the game on the first day with a handicap of 20.0, and ended with a handicap of 16.0. 
    Basil Putilov became the winner and won the Cup of the President of Pestovo. 
    Andrey Reus, the President of the Golf Club "Pestovo" handed the Cup to the winner.
    The results of tournament the Cup of the President of Pestovo 2017 (23-25.06.2017):
    Best Gross, the results of each day of the tournament
    June 23 , Pestovo – Fetisov Gleb 79 strikes
    June 23 , the forest hills – Elchaninov Maxim 80
    June 24 , Pestovo – Kirilenko, Julia 97 (45 beats 2девятка)
    June 24 , forest hills – Fetisov Gleb 74 strike
    June 25 , Pestovo – Chizhikov Igor 76 beats
    Best Stableford and the results of each day of the tournament
    June 23 , Pestovo – Kislitsyna Margarita 40 points (2nd nine 22 points)
    June 23 , the forest hills – p. Nefedov Kirill 40 points
    June 24 , Pestovo – Putilov Basil 48 points
    June 24 , forest hills – Yurin Anton 42 points
    June 25 , Pestovo – Yurin Anton 47 points
    Main Category
    3rd place – Kirilenko Elizabeth 93 points
    2nd place – Lyakhov Nikita 97 points
    1st place – Protosenya Fedor 105 points
    Women Stableford 15.5 - 36,0
    3rd place – Elena Kolobashkin 93 points
    2 place – Olga Shevtsova 100 points
    1st place – Karina Savko 101 points
    Men Stableford 9.5 – 28,0
    3 place – Stanislav Linetsky 114 points
    2nd place – Anton Yurin 116 points
    1 place – Vasily Putilov 117 points
    Women Gross 0 - 15.4
    3 place –Yulia Kirilenko 277 strikes
    2 place – Margarita Kislitsyna 269 beats
    1st place – Berendeeva Catherine 266 strokes
    Men Gross 0 – 9.4 
    3rd place – the Stories of Vladimir 252 strikes
    2nd place – Movsesyan Armen 243 strikes
    1st place – Fetisov Gleb 240 beats 
    Evening entertainment and awards ceremony was held at the Golf Club "Pestovo". This tournament was a great opportunity to test your strength on strength. We thank the Members of the Clubs "Pestovo" and Forest Hills, and guests of the tournament for participation, exposure, incredible results and a good mood!