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    Sep 13, 2015 Individual Match Play Final 2015

    On sunny Sunday morning, on the 13th of September, met the most active club members at the Pestovo golf club. The reasons for morning golf were more than enough.

    First of all – the Final stage of "Individual Match Play 2015" between Viktor Khristenko and Georgy Reus.

    The beautiful weather, a good speed of greens and of course the skills of the competitors all together contributed to an exciting fight, in which the participants were in lockstep. But the winner is always the only one, even if the forces are equal.

    We are pleased to congratulate Viktor Khristenko with the victory in the Final of the Individual Match Play!

    By the tradition, Viktor Borisovich received the winner Cup from the hands of Andrey Kelmanzon who is the winner of Individual Match Play of the season 2014.

    The second reason was the Double Match Play between the teams Vladimir Zarudny & Vladimir Rasskazov and Tatiana & Kim Khachaturian.

    It was not clear who will win, the struggle was not easy one - until the last hole. Well, the Final Double Match Play will play Vladimir Zarudny & Vladimir Rasskazov against Viktor Khristenko & Denis Zanimon.

    Congratulations to the finalists! We wish them a good game!

    And the third reason, the most festive one, was the real golf birthday celebrated on the golf course playing friendly tournament.

    Happy birthday Andrey Vladimirovich!

    We wish you, Andrey Vladimirovich, that your personal new year begins full of pleasant and long-awaited events generous to the victory and success in all of your beginnings!

    This Sunday all the tournament participants got a chance to fight with the PRO-Inar and win a gift certificate for a lesson with a golf director Stephen Dundas.

    The winners in this nomination were:

    • Dmitry Talnikov

    • Sergei Kirilenko

    • Oleg Aybazov

    • Sophia Tyler

    • Lisa Kirilenko

    • Yuliya Kirilenko

    The winners of the tournament were:

    3rd Place Andrey and Daria Dementievy

    2nd Place. Sergey Kirilenko and Yuliya Kirilenko

    1st Place Ludmila and Rustem Kadyrovy

    We congratulate the winners and wish them to maintain their excellent results and improve them over the time!

    The official partner of the season in 2015 the Bank ""