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    Sep 26, 2015 Pestovo Final Swing 2015

    26th of September at the Pestovo golf club was held a closed of season tournament «Final Swing 2015».
    The weather gave us a great opportunity to enjoy the game, the last warm days and each other's company.

    Nice to see all the members of the club in the summer, and bright light. It was hard to believe that now is the autumn and we are close the season.

    Excellent mood, focus on victory and the happy faces of all members from the beginning of the day creating a wonderful atmosphere of the tournament.

    Many nominations and gifts enabled all members of the club receive the deserved prizes.

    Congratulations, Vladimir Dunayev from the moment, that every golfer is waiting for, Hole in One! Hole  number 13 became for Vladimir happy on this day.

    We congratulate and wish that this Hole in One was not the last in his life!

    Women, 18,5-36 HCP:

    1st Place  Liza Kirilenko 30 points (best 2nd 9 Holes) 

    2nd Place Natalya Protosenya 30 points

    3rd Place  Darya Golizina 29 points

     Men, 15,5-28 HCP:

    1st Place  Victor Yasyucheniya 40 points

    2nd Place Anatoly Molostvov 39 points

    3rd Place Andrey Reus 37 points

    Women, 0-18,4 HCP:

    1st Place Yuliya Kirilenko 34 points

    2nd Place Irina Nesterova 32 points

    3rd Place  Elena Romanova 31 points

    Men, 0-15,4 HCP:

    1st Place Viktor Khristenko 40 points

    2nd Place Camil Husnetdinov 37 points

    3rd Place Gennadiy Sokolov 35 points

    Best Score Gennadiy Sokolov 86 points

    Best Score Guest  Grigoriy Lyashko 26 points

    Best Score Junior Nikita Lyakhovoi 27 points 

    Longest drive Men Aleksey Nasekin

    Longest drive Ladies  Irina Nesterova 

    Closest to the Pin Men Vladimir Dunaev (Hole in ONE!!!)

    Closest to the Pin Ladies Irina Sheluhina

    We thank our official partner of the season 2015. “Открытие” Private Banking. “Открытие” private banking - private banking services of the highest level.

    We thank the sponsor of the season - a company Valedictorian - the best producer at the moment of luxury putters.

    Thank cosmetics company Wamiles Academy for their support of the tournament prizes.

    We thank our partners - international hotels and golf resorts. Excellent Hotel Gleneagles, Scotland; Villa Padierna, Spain; Hermitage group, France; Maxx Royal Golf Resort and of course boutique hotel Senhora da Guia, Portugal.

    We thank our partners: Italian fashion brand of men's clothing UOMO Collezioni, as well companies GolfEast for their support of the tournament “Pestovo Final Swing 2015”.