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    Feb 22, 2016 VI annual winter golf tournament 2016

    22 of February at Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club was held VI Annual tournament of Winter Golf.

    Morning snow could complicate the players to play on, but the start of the tournament the weather improved and the game was easy and relaxed.

    Shotgun start with 6 holes, the players had to play two rounds for 6 holes.

    The game was interesting and in some places is not very simple. The tournament was a family, club members join the younger generation to participate in this winter event.

    Each half of the round, players have light meal and  hot tea from samovar, or milled wine.

    The tournament was very active.In the evening the participants have been waiting for a delicious dinner in the restaurant and the awards ceremony.

    Winners of tournament:

    Closest to pin hole № 2 among men - Alexander Dubrovsky

    Closest to pin hole № 6 among men - Nikita Lyakhova

    Closest to pin hole № 6 among women - Natalya Protosenya.

    Best score (Best Gross) - Andrei Romanov


    3rd place - Leonid Mikheev (35.5)

    2nd place - Sergei Protosenya (34.5)

    1st place - Andrei Romanov Junior (30,5)


    3rd place - Golitsyna Daria (36.7)

    2nd place - Berendeeva Tatiana (35.5)

    1st place - Yulia Lyakhovaya (35.2)

    Congratulations to the winners of the VI Annual tournament of Winter Golf and wish them every success in the coming season and the next game!

    Partner of tournament: