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    Mar 13, 2016 Maslenitsa 2016

    13 of March 2016 in Pestovo Golf club was held a long-awaited farewell to winter and meeting the spring!

    Maslenitsa indulge all guests delicious treats, tea from a samovar, and active entertainment program.

    What kind of Maslenitsa without the active games and funs?!

    Running in sacks, race on the sledge, football match between the teams of "pancakes" and "pies", and, of course, Hole in One contest in which participated parents and children.

    Teamwork create a friendly and warm atmosphere in this wonderful holiday with the spring meeting.

    The winners of the Hole in One contest are:

    1st place. Kim Khachaturian

    2nd place. Rustem Kadyrov

    3rd place. Tatiana Khachaturian.

    The younger generation is also actively took part in this challenging competition. Particularly distinguished Tatyana Reus, she has earned the most points among all the children and got a nice sweet prize for her efforts.

    Continuing the holiday stirred up and led the dancing guests a magnificent music band with Russian folk songs and funs.

    The most striking conclusion of the festival was the traditional burning of scarecrow. According to popular belief, if a scarecrow burns violently and quickly, so summer will be as warm. Our scarecrow burning bright, so we hope that the season will be warm, with a good and sunny weather!

    It was very nice to see so many guests at the Pestovo golf club on the Maslenitsa!

    Start of season 2016 just around the corner and we hope to see all members active participants of all tournaments and events of Pestovo!