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    Jun 28, 2015 II Annual Pestovo President Cup 2015

    On the 28th of June “Pestovo” golf club hosted The II Annual Pestovo President Cup 2015. The purpose of the tournament is to unite the members of two great golf clubs “Pestovo” and “Forest Hills” which belong to one group of companies named “Pestovo”. The tournament composes two rounds where by the results of two days estimates  the Winner.

    This year the tournament had to be held only in "Pestovo" as the weather in the first tournament day didn't allow the golfers to play a due round on “Forrest Hills” course.

    On June 28 “Pestovo” course met 70 golfers to fight for the status of the Winner of Pestovo President Cup.
    Weather gave odds to golfers on the first nine holes. The second nine was complicated by weather conditions – it started to rain..
    This day the juniors of “Pestovo” and “Forrest Hills” golf clubs had a separate offset and golfers fought for three winning places in stableford format with handicap.
    After the tournament golfers and guests gathered in Club House for solemn dinner. The vine-trading company Palais Royal – the tournament partner – provided the tasting of elite wine, and after an awards ceremony held a lottery of magnificent prizes for the guests of evening.
    The results of The II Annual Pestovo President Cup

    The longest drive – Margarita Khislitsyna
    Closest to the pin – Sofia Tyler
    The longest drive – Mathvey Menshikov
    Closest to the pin – Andrey Reus
    The 1st prize – Alisa Khohlova
    The 2d prize – Sofia Tyler
    The 3d prize – Feodor Protosenya
    Men. Hpc 0-15 winners:
    The 1st prize – Sergey Odegov
    The 2d prize – Dmitry Talnikov
    The 3d prize –  Andrew Tyler
    Men. Hpc 16-28 winners:
    The 1st prize – Aleksey Sikaylo
    The 2d prize – Nguyen Gia Bao    
    The 3d prize –  Le Hong Minh

    Women. Hpc 0-18 winners:
    The 1st prize – Vu Thi Bach Tuyet
    The 2d prize – Ekaterina Berendeeva
    The 3d prize –  Margarita Khislitsyna
    Women. Hpc 19-36 winners:
    The 1st prize – Le Thi Mai Phuong
    The 2d prize – Daria Golitsyna
    The 3d prize –  Tatyana Khachaturyan

    Best GROSS without Hcp
    The 1st prize – Mathvey Menshikov
    The 2d prize – Armen Movsesyan
    The 3d prize –  Sergey Odegov

    The winner of The II Annual Pestovo President Cup by the results of the maximum quantity of points taking into account a Hcp became Le Thi Mai Phuong

    Congratulations to all winners! Wish them the excellent weather and success in this golf season!

    Official Pertner of the season 2015 - "" Private Banking