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    Jul 16, 2016 Pestovo Championship golf club 2016. 1st Day

    The participants of the most awaited tournament of this year, timed to the 10th anniversary of the Golf – club "Pestovo" with interest watched game each other. The unpredictable finale of the tournament fueled interest in the game, but at the same time does not interfere with the golfers to remember the tournament and good mood of the participants.


    But the struggle was really very energetic, in fact and as the weather in this weekend. 
    Championship Golf-club "Pestovo" held every year and  not only distributes a policy of the formation of the Parking in front of club house, under the sign "Club champion", but perpetuates the names of the winners for years and years to come. This tournament was attended by all, adults and Juniors. For the first time this year had an additional nomination for beginners! 
    The tournament was held in two days - on 16 and 17 July, the first day, bright throw in their game and style made by the team of our girls are juniors, they been all dressed in bright green Polo, which was very memorable for the participants! Oh, if everybody supported the team spirit in the same style! Golfers played in two groups handicaping format: strokeplay and stableford. The results were taken into account in two days and were defined as follows:



    1st place Maksim Zarudny - 161 strike
    2 place Rasskazov Vladimir - 163 hit (play - off)
    3 place Movsesyan Armen - 163 impact
    1 place Dmitry Mikheev - 78 points
    2 place Sergei Protosenya - 76 points
    3 place Reus George - 73 points
    1 place Berendeeva Catherine - 182 hit (play – off)
    2 place Kadyrova Ludmila - 182 kick
    3 place Kislitsyna Margarita - 189 hits (play –off)
    1 place Kolobashkin Elena - 63 points
    2 place Khasanova Larissa - 59 points
    3 place Golitsyn Daria - 55 points
    1 place Protosenya Fedor - 198 beats
    1 place of Abugov Alexander - 53 points
    1 place Berendeeva Tatiana - 242 impact
    1 place Berendeeva Hope - 54 points
    Beginners 9 Holes
    1 place Zlatko Penihc - 36 points
    1st place Lisa Makarevich - 19 points!
    Rewarding Champions passed near the water, in the Yacht Club "Pestovo". Memorable evening of pleasant company, delicious food and final of the British Open. We congratulate our Champions with bright victory!
    And we would like to thank the partners of the event:


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