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    18 - July 19 in Golf - and Yacht Club "Pestovo" held the ninth Championship golf the season in 2015 - the main sporting event of the season, the results of which are determined by the best players of the season - champions whose names will be signed  in the history of golf club "Pestovo". In parallel with the adult players Championship, for the first time was held Pestovo Junior Championship.

    The championship was held  intwo tournament days. Golfers played  in two handicap groups: strokeplay and stablefordformat.

    More support for the players was the perfect weather, which allowed players to concentrate on the game during the tournament day and show the best results.

    18th July, on the forts tournament round, the leaders among the players in the stableford format were: in handicap group 16 to 36 - Elena Romanova (39 points), and among women in handicap group 10 to 28 - Sergei Eskin (42 points).
    According to Gross format in handicap group from 0 to 9 – the leader was Maxim Zarudny, 81shots, and among women in the group from 0 to 15 - LudmilaKadyrova, 88 shots.

    In the Junior Championship for the first round of the day, the leader in the stableford format was  EkaterinaAbahova (33 points) and Alexander Abahov (32 points).

    According to Gross format – ElizavetaKirilenko (108 shots) andNikitaKirilenko (118 shots).
    The second day of the tournament almost didn’t bring surprises. However, among men, thanks to its stable game Peter Pavlov got to the first place in the handicap group from 10 to 28. And among women - Tatiana Khachaturian rose from third to second place, showing excellent results in  her handicap group.

    Among the frontrunners for the title Champion, after the second day of the tournament Natalia Zarudnaya conceded two shots to Berendeeva Ekaterina and went down to the third place.

    Contenders for the title of the Champion 2015 golf season - Maxim Zarudny and Ludmila Kadyrova played steadily, confirming the status of his play "best" player of the season 2015.

    Champions of the 2015 season are: Ludmila Kadyrova and Maxim Zarudny
    Juniors Champions are: Elizaveta Kirilenko and Nikita Kirilenko
    Champions were met on the green 18 by all participants of the tournament. We congratulate the winners and wish them a successful season and new victories!

    Winners of the Championship Club 2015

    Juniors Handicap Stableford

    1st place Girls - Catherine Abahova 63 points
    1st  place Boys - Alexander Abahov 50 points

    Juniors Gross

    1st place Girls - Liza Kirilenko 226 shots
    1st place Boys - Nikita Kirilenko 250 shots

    Women Handicap Stableford

    3nd place - Larisa Hasanova 55 points
    2nd place - Tatiana Khachaturian 60 points
    1st place - Elena Romanova 73 points

    Men Handicap Stableford

    3nd place - Vladimir Dunaev 69points
    2nd place - Oleg Aibazov 73 points
    1st place - Peter Pavlov 72 points

    Women - Gross

    3nd place - Natalia Zarudnaya 186shots
    2nd place - Ekaterina Berendeeva 185 shots
    1st place - Ludmila Kadyrova 180 shots

    Ludmila Kadyrova won the cup from the hands of the winner Champion of the season 2014, Ekaterina Berendeeva

    Men - Gross

    3nd place - Rustem Kadyrov 166 shots
    2ndplace - Maxim Ermakov 164 shots
    1st place - Maxim Zarudny 158 shots

    We thank our partners and sponsors:

    Thank to the Official financial partner of  Pestovo golf Club season 2015 - Otrkytie PrivateBanking.

    Thanksto the partnersof tournament  -  German company ZellerGolfBags, as well  international partners Golf hotels - Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus and Montgomery Max Royal, Turkey, and VillaPadierna, Spain.  Partner Championship is the closing company  UOMOCollezioni and NailLounge beauty studio.